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Welcome to Avora Industrial at Avoraind.com, Avora Industrial provides online services through its website.  Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.  Usage of Avoraind.com constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions specified on avoraind.com. 


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Electronic Communication

Visiting Avoraind.com, sending emails or viewing disclaimers and notices on Avoraind.com constitutes consent of electronic communication.  Avora Industrial will communicate via email, unless non-electronic communication is required.  Certified mailing is requested if non-electronic communication is required.  Avora Industrial will communicate via e-mail or by posting notice on Avoraind.com.  Usage of Avoraind.com constitutes acknowledgement of agreement(s), disclosure(s), notice(s) and other communication provided electronically, satisfy all legal requirement(s) of such communication required in writing.

Terms and Conditions

Be it known to all purchaser(s), placing an order, making an offer to purchase pursuant to the following terms and conditions, if accepted by Avora Industrial, is accepted within the State of Utah, and purchaser(s) consents to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Utah for the limited purpose of dispute arising between the parties resulting from this transaction(s) and agree that the laws of the State of Utah shall apply.  Use or receipt of a product(s) purchased from Avora Industrial, the purchaser(s) agrees to the terms and conditions of sale as set forth.  If purchaser(s) do not agree to the terms and conditions of sale, purchaser(s) is to return the product(s) to Avora Industrial unopened or unused within 3 days of receipt for a refund less shipping and handling fees.

Avora Industrial makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose(s), and none shall be implied.  Determination(s) of suitability of any item(s) sold for the use contemplated by purchaser(s) is the responsibility of the purchaser(s), and Seller shall have no responsibility in connection with such determination(s).  Avora Industrial is not responsible for consequential or incidental damage(s) resulting from the sale, non-delivery, use or improper function of any item(s) purchased.  Any item(s) purchased is limited to the monetary value of the item(s) purchased.  Items for purchase are subject to availability.  Items come from various sources and Avora Industrial is subject to fluctuating currency exchange rates.  Price increases and decreases are a natural course of business.  Items may be discontinued without prior knowledge, if such purchaser(s) will be notified of a modified or cancelled order.

The website avoraind.com is a guide for purchasing product(s) and is not intended as an absolute.  Item illustration(s) are for display purpose only, may not be exact, and are not necessarily included in the purchase price.  Avora Industrial is not responsible for typographical or pictorial error(s), and specification(s) may change without notice.  Avora Industrial has tediously strived to provide the purchaser(s) with an error free website.  If a misprint(s), Avora Industrial reserves the right to adjust pricing to reflect actual amounts.  Purchaser(s) are to confirm in writing the actual specification(s) of each item.  Order confirmation does not guarantee acceptance of purchaser(s) order, nor does it constitute confirmation of the offer to sell.  Avora Industrial reserves the right to decline and cancel an order or supply less than the quantity ordered.

Although perfection is strived for, there may be a shortage of certain item(s). Avora Industrial reserves the right to restrict the quantity of an item(s) ordered.  Purchaser(s) will be notified if shortage(s) is present prior to the delivery of the order.  Avora Industrial can limit quantities sold to person(s) or household(s).

Avora Industrial reserves the right to decline or cancel an order(s).

Site Conduct

Avoraind.com is intended for lawful purposes only. Visitors are not to engage in activity restricting or inhibiting other users from usage of the website by means of hacking, cracking, spoofing or defacing any portion of the website. Posts or transmitting through the website in a malicious or harmful manner is not permitted.  Prior written consent is required from Avora Industrial for usage of any material on the website.


Item(s) purchased from Avora Industrial are made pursuant to a shipment contract, the risk of loss and title for item(s) transfer to purchaser(s) on delivery to selected carrier(s).

Third Party

Avora Industrial services can include links, communication or references to third party website(s), address(s), phone number(s) and service(s).  These forms of contact may be unknowingly objectionable, unlawful, immoral and inaccurate.  These links do not mean Avora Industrial endorses the third party behavior(s), nor does it constitute any agreement between party or parties.  Avora Industrial is not liable for content on third party sites or service(s) offered or rendered.  All liability and loss associated with third party is between the party or parties involved.  Reference by Avora Industrial does not constitute involvement or endorsement by Avora Industrial.