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Avora Industrial 12 IN Premium Zirconia Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Sanding Disc

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12 IN Zirconia (PSA) Disc

Avora Premium Zirconia is superior to other Zirconia because of its specific engineering and ingredients. Its grains are consistent and thus highly effective, more responsive and last longer. Avora Premium Zirconia has a high endurance threshold. This is critical when long lasting strong abrasives are needed. Simply put, its grains do not break down under heat and pressure. Avora Premium Zirconia's high thermal stability and consistency are what maintain its configuration while under heavy use. Avora Premium Zirconia wheels are subjected to numerous performance and safety tests to ensure they function optimally. 


Avora Premium Zirconia Benefits:


-      Well suited for high-pressure long duration machining and grinding 

-      Very high heat resistance

-      Lasts longer under high heat and high stress

-      Can be used for most metals and applications with very few exceptions

-      10 times the resistance and endurance of Alumina

-      Best value 

-      Most overall applications

-      Cost effective

-      Avora Premium Zirconia removes material faster and longer than Alumina

     -   Works very well across all construction applications

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