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Avora Electro-Magnetic Drill 1200 Watt 2" Max Diameter

Avora Electro-Magnetic Drill 1200 Watt 2" Max Diameter

Avora Industrial. Cut, Grind and Finish Faster.

Avora Electro-Magnetic Drill 1200 Watt 2" Max Diameter

Avora Industrial Electro-Magnetic Drill. 1200 Watt. Cutting capacity up to 2" Max Diameter. Coolant / Oil Reservoir. Forward and Reverse. Includes Steel Case, Safety Strap and Release Tool. From Shop to High Steel and Farm to Jobsite the Avora Mag Drill gets it done. Vertical and horizontal drilling. Make work easier when precision drilling up side down or side-ways is critical. Avoid strained or broken wrists. Let the Avora Mag Drill cut for you effortlessly. Pick your position, Secure the Saftey Strap, Line it up, Turn it on. Use when you need a precision hole or a drill just wont cut it. 

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