Premium Hypertherm ® Compatible Plasma Consumables By Avora industrial

Premium plasma consumables Hypertherm ®

High Performance plasma cutting consumables by Avora Industrial

Hypertherm ® Compatible Plasma Consumables by Avora Industrial plasma consumables undergo strict quality control measures to insure they not only meet, but exceed the performance and longevity standards of OEM consumables. Reduce operating and per part cost by switching to long lasting Avora consumables. Avora consumables cut down time due to less frequent change overs and longer life cycles. Quality materials are essential for great performance. Avora only uses high grade copper in all of their consumables. If you believe as we do with the right tools, time, know-how and budget we can build anything. The future is bright. Come build with us. Put Avora to good use. Put it to your best use, even on your worst day. We deliver so you can make more. Cut it out, do it right the first time and do it all over again.

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Hypertherm® Powermax® Duramax®

Genuine Avora Industrial Hypertherm® Compatible plasma copper Nozzles. For use with Hypertherm® ..

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