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Avora Industrial folded flap disc grinding wheels are manufactured for hard to reach places.  Our folded flap discs make short work of the hard to reach places other discs and grinding wheels won't go.  Ideal for fillet welds, Avora Industrial's scientifically engineered constant particle size and formulated ingredients make a proven superior product.  Our abrasive grains are essentially equal in size and structure and are thus more aggressive, more responsive and much longer lasting.  When high strength and low propensity for contamination are required our products performs exceptionally well.  It resists break down at high temperature or under high pressure thus it securely maintains its structure and thus its performance.  Our material is bonded with a resin to a poly / cotton backing. This resin bond and poly / cotton fabric combination allow for high efficiency and high material removal capacity.  They have greater edge strength and longevity due to low stretch, high strength properties.  Add to that high concentrations of  media and this product becomes very hard to beat.  Avora wheel construction has as much as 50% more media per flap when compared to other competing products.  Feel comfortable using our products knowing they are subjected to numerous performance and safety tests to ensure their quality and safety.  We believe with the right tools, time, know-how and budget we can build anything. The future is bright. Come build with us.  Put Avora Industrial's materials to good use. Put them to your best use, even on your worst day. We deliver so you can make more.

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4.5 IN Zirconia Folded Flap Disc

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4.5 IN Ceramic Folded Flap Disc

Avora High Quality Ceramic abrasives are scientifically engineered with a micro-crystalline structur..

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