5 IN Grinding Wheels

5 IN Grinding Wheels

Proven Performance

Avora Industrial high quality reinforced bonded resin grinding / cutting discs are made with scientifically formulated and apportioned ingredients. Each disc is designed with quick cutting, low heat production, safety and longevity in mind. Engineered to work in the harshest of conditions with your safety in mind.  Get the job done effectively and efficiently. Cut cast-iron, sheet metal, stainless and mild steel. Grind or cut clean. Grind or cut straight. Grind or cut Safely.  With the right tools, time, know-how and budget we can build anything. The future is bright. Come build with us.  Put Avora Industrial's materials to good use. Put them to your best use, even on your worst day.  We deliver so you can make more.

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5 IN Grinding Disc

Avora High Quality Alumina reinforced bonded resin Cutting Discs are made with scientifically formul..

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