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Alumina calcium stearate flap discs are ideal for use with your soft, gummy metals.  The flap disc material liquefies under use keeping your grinding material cooler and clear of loading.  Avora Industrial flap discs are engineered to keep you sanding longer and more efficiently.  The strong fiberglass backing plate and circular overlapping allow a continued layer of fresh sanding material to be exposed as each layer wears away.  This results in a consistent cutting though out the life of the grinding wheel.  Don't waste time changing out your tools to do two jobs at once.  Use a flap disc to not only grind the material away, but to finish make your finished product.  Great for use on aluminum and blending stainless steel.

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4.5 IN Alumina Calcium Flap Disc

Avora Alumina Calcium AKA Alumina grinding Wheels are manufactured with high quality alumina oxide a..

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