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2 IN TYPE R (ROLOC COMPATIBLE) Avora Ceramic Premium wheels are made from the very highest quality ceramic. This means Avora Ceramic Premium is the very best Ceramic offered or available anywhere in the market today. Avora Ceramic Premium is the latest in high performing ceramic grain product. It is the ultimate in material removal at this level. Avora Ceramic Premium removes as much as 30% more material in comparison to original Ceramic. It has optimum self-sharpening properties because its engineered microcrystalline structure produces much sharper edges when compared to conventional grains. Its structure longevity, efficiency and effectiveness are not beaten by even the most recognizable names in the industry. It is certain to impress with a faster and even more uniform removal than Ceramic. With Avora Ceramic Premium work projects are far less likely to discolor or distort from over-heating. Avora Ceramic Premium will reduce waste, time and operational costs. Avora Ceramic Premium product has been both lab and shop tested for grinding performance and surface finish. When used correctly the results are awesome. Whether Steel or Titanium Alloys, Aluminum or Copper and its derivatives Avora Ceramic Premium performs exceptionally well for intense material removal. Its value is proven. 

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2 IN Ceramic Mini Flap Disc

Avora High Quality Ceramic abrasives are engineered with a micro-crystalline structure. They are mor..

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