Avora Industrial high speed M35 Annular cutters are made from superior high speed sharp steel.  Regular drill bits don't compare when it come to the precision and speed of the M35 steel.  The size of each cutter is laser etched into the shaft to identify what cutter you need to make the right hole every time.  Not only are our cutters excellent to push you though to the next job, they come with a locating pin to help you move quickly.  Check out our 1200 watt magnetic drills that mate to these gorgeous cutters for a perfect match. If you believe with the right tools, time, know-how and budget we can build anything. The future is bright.  Then come build with us. Put Avora to good use. Put it to your best use, even on your worst day. We deliver so you can make more. Drill it out!

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Avora Industrial Premium M35 Cobalt Annular Cutters (Pin Included)

Avora Industrial Premium M35 Cobalt Annular Cutters. 35% Cobalt with High Speed Steel. Fast Feed. Sm..

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