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Avora Industrial 4.5 Inch Ceramic Resin Fiber. Great Performance. Awesome Price.

5 IN High Quality Ceramic Resin Fiber Disc

Top Tier Abrasives and Consumables with a Price Tag that won't make you flinch. Buy Avora and Save.

5 IN Ceramic Resin Fiber Disc

Avora High Quality Ceramic abrasives are engineered with a micro-crystalline structure. They are more uniform in their structure than either Alumina or Zirconia abrasives. Because of how they’re made, Avora Ceramic abrasives can tackle a greater variety of applications including Aluminum and Mild Steel mill scale. High Quality Avora Ceramic is strong and is excellent at quick, uniform and efficient material removal. It runs cooler than other abrasives which means it can grind longer without distorting or hardening the work project. Because of its longevity Ceramic allows operators to get more quality time per hour by reducing down time to change discs. Avora Ceramic also requires less downward force for material removal. This is good for operators as it reduces fatigue. 



Ceramic Benefits:


-      Ceramic out performs traditional zirconia by as much as 50% on ferrous and non-ferrous

-      Ceramic is sharper than Zirconia 

-      Ceramic requires less pressure for material removal, eases strain and operator fatigue.

-      Ceramic lasts longer reducing disc replacement and therefore time down.

-      Ceramic is self sharpening for consistent finish throughout the life of the disc.

-       Ceramic is cooler than Zirconia and Alumina reducing heat and work hardening onheat-sensitive materials

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