Avora Industrial High Quality Surface Conditioning Discs. Excellent for removing surface material wi..
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Avora High Quality Alumina reinforced bonded resin Cutting Discs are made with scientifically formul..
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Avora Blue Stripping Discs are the smart choice for exposing, cleaning and stripping ferrous an..
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Avora High Quality Alumina reinforced bonded resin cut-off wheels are made with scientifically formu..
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Avora Industrial High Durability Plastic Backing Pads are strong and light weight. Use with confiden..
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Avora Industrial Provides Flap Discs, Cut-Off Wheels, Grinding Wheels, and Annular Cutters

Those who work with metal know that our flap discs, cut-off wheels, and grinding abrasives are some of the best on the market. Whether you need a disc that can grind and polish the finish, or one that can cut your metal parts in a very precise way, we have options for you. Our Zirconia flap wheels have self-sharpening properties, thanks to their micro-crystalline structure, ensuring that you get the finish that you want every time. We also make cut-off discs for angle grinders out of a variety of metals, including aluminum, carbon, and even stainless steel. In addition, our annular cutters are like drill bits, only stronger, as they’re made from M35 steel. We have the tools that you need to get the job done.